Restoration at the North Davis Ditch

Pitching in

Since fall of 2013 I’ve enjoyed working with my family as volunteers with Putah Creek Council on the North Davis Ditch restoration plantings. What good fortune to have the opportunity to build community, help with restoration in our own neighborhood, and to watch it grow!






126Fun times with hands in the dirt!




Fueling conservation and restoration – a figure of connectivity



How do we use the multiple tools of conservation and restoration — in both basic and applied science arenas, and related non-science disciplines — to foster healthy natural ecosystems?  I developed this diagram to express the connections that I see between many levels.

Careful planning of human objectives is a foundation for the maintenance of healthy natural ecosystems, processes, and resources through the actions of restoration and conservation science. These actions require both natural history and theoretical research, and active feedback and decision-making processes, such as adaptive management.  Education, information science, interdisciplinary collaboration, and program development feed into the central processes, fueling efficient and effective restoration and conservation. There are no uni-directional arrows; the network grows stronger with improved connectivity between all levels of organization.